Crucial Conversations Trainer Certification

Crucial Conversations Trainer Certification offers organizations a training delivery option that returns real results in a flexible, cost-effective, and powerful way. Designed to provide you with best practice trainer skills to roll out Crucial Conversations training in your organization, this certification process ensures the high-leverage skills learned in the Crucial Conversations public workshops will have measurable impact across your organization. Once certified to train Crucial Conversations you will be able to add value by offering customisable, award-winning training that solves your organization’s most pressing problems.

Before you consider VitalSmarts Trainer Certification, consider whether or not you meet the following requirements and skills:

  • Presentation and classroom facilitation skills
  • Ability/experience in delivering courses according to a prescribed curriculum
  • Competence/comfort using audiovisual equipment, CD-based presentation materials, and LCD projectors
  • A commitment to personally master the principles and skills you’re teaching
  • A sponsoring workplace that has committed budget to your training and to the participant materials required to teach each student

Prior to the Trainer Certification event, you must sign the VitalSmarts Trainer Agreement. In summary, this agreement requires the following:

  • Certification is owned and sponsored by the company, not the trainer. In the event of employment termination or transfer, the new company must sponsor the trainer by purchasing the new trainer materials and by signing a new trainer agreement.
  • Any time in-house training is conducted, participants will be supplied with new and original copies of all required materials.
  • A trainer’s certification process is based on passing all requirements outlined in the Trainer Certification Course.

The first two days of training, you will participate in the entire Crucial Conversations Training taught by a Master Trainer followed by a third day which is the actual Trainer Certification event. During the Trainer Certification event, you must demonstrate both mastery of the course material by passing a cognitive assessment, and effective presentation skills during a 15-20 minute teach-back session.

After successful completion of the trainer certification course, you will be provisionally certified. To complete the certification process and become a certified trainer, you must:

  • Conduct three full courses within nine months of a trainer certification course and submit all course evaluations for review. Course evaluations must meet or exceed an average score of 5.0 (corresponding to “Agree” on the course evaluation form; the evaluation form is included in the training materials).
  • Read Crucial Conversations: Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High.
  • Listen to all audio CDs provided in the workshop.
  • Notify VitalSmarts of your completion of all certification requirements.

As you progress through the certification process, you may need additional development in one or more areas. The Master Trainer who teaches the trainer certification event and VitalSmarts staff members will help you to identify additional development activities as needed. If indicated, you must complete these activities prior to certification.

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