About Us

Shared Visions is a Canadian consulting and training company based in Regina. We help both private and public organizations be more effective. Using our dialogue-based processes, we’ll help create meaning out of chaos by clarifying context, identifying obstacles, behaviours, and  unproductive patterns that are standing in the way of achieving your full potential, and then develop and deploy unique and relevant strategies that will help you successfully navigate your next natural stage of evolution.

Business lives in Conversation. At its core, Shared Visions is a dialogue company. That means everything we do is focused on increasing the quantity and quality of dialogue in your organization.

Evolution not Transformation. In a world where the norm is quick-fix chaotic transformations, we believe there is a better more sustainable way to improve performance – slow progressive evolution. We will support you and your organization in developing and deploying strategies that will create gradual, progressive and sustainable changes that will lead to the results you deserve.

Let us help you successfully navigate your next natural stage of evolution.

Shared Visions is a principle associate of Vital Smarts LC and represents the Crucial ConversationsTM Crucial ConfrontationsTM InfluencerTM and Change AnythingTM methodologies in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We are also certified to deliver the deBono Thinking Systems Six Thinking Hats training.

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