Tamara Kerr

Master Trainer & Relationship Manager (Regina)

As a former air-force brat, Tamara Kerr knows that it’s the people of Canada who make the country so special.  For over 20 years, Tamara has been using her background in social psychology to help people connect – at home and in the workplace. Tamara brings a lighthearted approach to facilitation but she’s serious about the value of enhancing our every day interactions.  Over the years, Tamara has been a coach, mentor and leader working and partnering with small, local companies as well as large, international organizations in the development of their biggest asset – their people.

As a Master Trainer in Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability,  and Certified Trainer in Influencer, Tamara lives the art of handling crucial conversations well to improve relationships, results and increase overall influence. (Click here to download Tamara’s biography.)

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