Sir Paul McCartney – A Leadership Rock Star!

In a time when we are struggling to find our leadership rock stars again maybe its time we considered rock stars who are legitimate leaders in their own right. Last night I was one of 40,000 plus adoring fans inhaling the music and magic of Sir Paul McCartney at Regina’s Mosaic Stadium.  Throughout this magical […]

Life Lessons From My Friends, The Mallards

They were late coming this year. And I was starting to get anxious that something had happened to my beloved friends, the Mallards. For the past 5 springs I have ‘hosted’ a pair of mallard ducks in my back yard. You see I have something every bird desires – a safe, protected respite with plenty […]

Ken Blanchard Inspires Saskatchewan Audience

I was privileged to hear the legendary Dr. Ken Blanchard keynote the U of S Leadership Conference entitled “Leverage Your Leadership Edge” in Saskatoon on May 8th 2013. With his trademark wit and impressive life and leadership knowledge he “wowed” the crowd with an inspirational message, titled “Leading at a Higher Level.” Here’s what stood […]

Where Did These Two Dialogue Masters Go Wrong?

Perhaps you noticed our Facebook profile picture was updated recently and then quickly changed back to the original. Now, a photograph is not a big deal in the grand scheme of what is happening in the world around us, I admit. The experience surrounding this particular picture, however, was eye opening in terms of the […]

Why Use the Six Thinking Hats?

Do you think best while driving? ….at home? ….in the shower? What if you could learn to do your best thinking when it counts? When asked where people do their best thinking they seldom answer “at work”. Why do you think that is? Typically people will say they are too busy, they are paid to […]

The Debate Between Culture and Strategy

(This post was inspired from reading “Culture vs. Strategy – What’s More Important?” via Forbes.) I so appreciate the thinking around “Culture AND Strategy“, not “Culture OR Strategy”. It is that “AND” conversation that builds alignment, integration and ultimately success. For me, in order for “Culture AND Strategy” to effectively co-create, I believe the underlying […]

Let’s Talk Ourselves Back into Leadership

There is a crisis in leadership it is said. We don’t have any. “Leadership character” has become an oxymoron and sadly shares equal status with the likes of “jumbo shrimp” and “plastic glasses”. We have become cynical about the leadership we do have. It all seems so hopeless. So why bother right? There are those […]

Perspectives on Leading Virtual Teams

Shared Visions is a virtual organization. While we are headquartered in Regina, our business development and admin/social media services have resided in different locations in eastern Canada. We have facilitators in four provinces that travel across Canada on a regular basis. Like many other teams who work virtually, it takes time and deliberate effort to […]

Making a Difference One Person at a Time

Thank you to our reader below  for “finding” our piece titled “Walk Through to Goodness, Decency and Bravery in 2012” when it was time and sharing her life affirming story with us below. There is an old proverb that says: “It’s not what you have been given, but how you deal with it that’s important.” I […]

Leadership Lessons: From Old Shores to New Shores!

This has become a favourite among favourites. It is more than a “mere” poem. It is an explanation, an invitation. Perhaps most of all it is a personal leadership challenge to all of us for these troubling times. And its still so relevant considering it was released in 2000. I first came across this poem […]