Case Studies: Influencer

  1. Michigan department of human services – A department that directs the operations of public assistance and service programs through a network of more than 100 county offices in Michigan (click here).
    – Customer service rating improved by 38%
    – Average wait times dropped by 23% for customers without appointments and 89% for customers with appointments
    – Positive comments from customers more than tripled from 23 to 76%
  2. Spectrum Health – A not-for-profit healthcare system located in Grand Rapids, Michigan that provides high quality, high value care to millions of individuals across the state (click here).
    – improves hand hygiene compliance from 60 to 90% in 2 months
    – reaches unprecedented 98% hand-hygiene compliance one year after Influencer initiative
    – marks behavior change in the way staff members confront and speak up to one another
    – staff now hold others accountable for outcomes like patient safety, quality, and efficiency
  3. Xerox Corporation – A leader in  global enterprise for business process and document management serving more than 160 countries (click here).
    – 93% of those trained in a new process improvement  used the process at least once after training. More than half used it at least five times
    – 50% of the pilot participants used the  new process improvement five times and some as many as eleven times after training
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