“The successful growth and evolution of your organization depends on your ability to identify and adopt the next new behaviours and skills that are core to adapting to your ever-changing environment. Positioning your learning strategies can help you maximize your investment of time and money in training.”

Shared Visions excels in delivering customized, unique, skills-based training that helps individuals, teams and organizations engage in the behaviours needed to become more effective. Our award-winning workshops use a combination of instructor-led teaching, small and large group dialogue and exercises, as well as interactive and video-based modeling to help participants learn and apply the content and skills in real life situations.

Our goal is to help you, your team and your organization build leadership capacity and develop a culture that will help you successfully navigate your next stage of evolution. The award-winning tools we use in our work include:

Shared Visions is a principle associate of Vital Smarts LC and represents the Crucial ConversationsTM Crucial ConfrontationsTM and InfluencerTM methodologies in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We are also certified to deliver the deBono Thinking Systems Six Thinking Hats.

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