Maximizing Meetings

Have meetings been sucking the life out of you lately? 

Are people doing other things in your meetings besides meeting
– like texting, gossiping, web-surfing, angry-birding? 

Do they say more at the unofficial, water cooler “meeting-after-the-meeting”
than they do during the actual meeting? 

These days, it seems that we spend countless hours of our lives in mindless meetings that are unproductive at best, and at worst, unnecessary.

If you want to stop the meetings madness and start maximizing them instead, this interactive, one-day program is for you.  Whether you run the meetings or you have no choice but to participate in them, you will learn how to turn your meetings into productive, efficient and timely sessions that add value to your organization.  You will learn whether and when to have meetings, what to do before, during and after the meetings to keep everyone engaged and accountable, and most importantly, get the results you need from the meeting.  We’ll also show you how to optimize participation, overcome meeting distractions and neutralize bad behaviour.

In this 1-day interactive workshop, we will teach you to:

  • Determine whether a meeting is really necessary.
  • Define what makes meetings successful.
  • Define the role of the meeting leader and the roles of the meeting participants.
  • Review what goes into preparing for an effective meeting (for both the leader and the participants).
  • Define the difference between the ‘purpose’ versus the ‘outcome’ of a meeting and the importance of being
  • clear about both.
  • Review the necessity of setting expectations prior to the meeting and what should be included.
  • Raise awareness around making sound decisions about who should be attending meetings.
  • Prepare participants who will be attending the meeting.
  • Review what a meeting agenda and resulting action plan should include.
  • Create a meeting agenda for an upcoming meeting, using Shared Visions templates.
  • Create ground rules/team norms.
  • Set the stage at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Use techniques to encourage participation.
  • Explore how the leader of the meeting can sometimes be the issue of non-participation.
  • Employ effective questioning techniques.
  • Know how to use the tools and techniques in the brainstorming process.
  • Give specific and clear direction.
  • Encourage diverse points of view.
  • Review the variety of methods used for decision making in meetings and when it’s appropriate to use each type. The pros and cons of each are assessed.
  • Deal effectively with disruptive behaviours.
  • Understand why differences of opinions occur.
  • Know the difference between ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ conflict in a meeting.
  • Resolve differences in a ‘win-win’ way.
  • Keep everyone focused and moving forward by using a variety of techniques.
  • Discuss the repercussions of an ‘unclear’ action plan.
  • Create action plans that are specific and meaningful.
  • Create a culture of accountability for accomplishing action items and getting results.

Finally, a meeting you can look forward to!  Join us at our next public workshop by clicking here.

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