Six Thinking Hats

Do you think best while driving? ….at home? ….in the shower?

What if you could learn to do your best thinking when it counts?

Real and sustainable success in our complex business environment requires fostering innovative thinking to tackle issues and challenges in new ways. While organizations have developed the skills for argument and analysis, few have taught their people how to think differently so that they can tackle issues and challenges differently.

The application of The Six Thinking Hats gets immediate results. It separates the different types of thinking – emotions from facts, positive from negative, critical from creative. People look at challenges from the same perspective at the same time. It builds on each other’s ideas and encourages everyone to participate in a wide range of thinking while keeping egos and “turf” protection in check.

The 1-day Six Thinking Hats workshop is an engaging, hands-on workshop that will help you discover valuable skills to organize your thinking, get you unstuck and achieve breakthrough results. By applying the principles and skills learned in the Six Thinking Hats, you will be better able to:

  • Apply a more structured approach in your thinking.
  • Foster collaborative thinking and interaction.
  • Engage in “parallel thinking” to harness ideas from everyone in the group.
  • Use several different ways of thinking, therefore eliminate being trapped by negative or critical approaches.
  • Make time for creative thinking to develop alternative and innovative solutions.
  • Use a balanced appraisal to evaluate these ideas.
  • Learn techniques for solving problems and finding new opportunities.
  • Reduce meeting time by 50%.
  • In the end, produce results that are “outside the box”.
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